We will continue to research and develop new product development
and quality improvement through cooperation with industry-academy-research institute
at company-affiliated research institute.
We will cultivate talented person and make efforts to become enterprise that prepare for 4th industry.

Main Facilities

NO. Name Specification Usages Quantity Remarks
1 Universal Test Machine DBBP-500 Material Testing Machine 1
2 Experimental Milling Machine TX-3051ST/60Hz.5A Laboratory milling machine 1
3 Experimental Stirrer Machine HS-30D,SS-11 Laboratory Agitator 3
4 Thermo-hygrostat 220~230V, SO/60Hz Constant temperature, humidity 1
5 Heating Machine - Thermal reactor 2
6 Rolling Machine for Stirrer 20“roll*3 Stirrer for rolling  1
7 Nano Milling Machine 0.3~0.5mm 10hp 5L Milling 1
8 Water Base Milling Machine 20ℓ 15hp Water milling 1
9 Vacuum Stirrer Machine 1㎥ 10hp Vacuum stirrer 1
10 Hydraulic Pump - Hydraulic pump (for sub-division) 1
11 Portable Injector - Laboratory injector 1 Aerosol Test
12 Injection Hopper - Injection Funnel 1
13 Vacuum Packing Machine DZ47-63 230/400V Vacuum packing machine 1

Main facilities image